Meetings & Events

A refined balance of business and leisure

At Santo Collection Resorts & Villas, we have thoughtfully designed our Meetings & Events Space to seamlessly blend business and leisure. With three versatile meeting rooms and a welcoming foyer spanning nearly 260 sq.m., our space offers a perfect setting for a wide range of events.

With a theater-style capacity for up to 267 guests, our customizable halls are ideal range for intimate meetings, grand corporate gatherings, wellness groups, and exclusive weddings. Impeccably designed, the space reflects Santo Collection’s commitment to sustainability and a nature-focused guest experience.

A meetings & events space harmonized with nature

Drawing inspiration from the concept of “Live Well through Nature, the space embodies biophilic design principles, the interior seamlessly integrates natural elements, including abundant natural light, earthy colors, traditional patterns, and minimally processed materials.

Genuinely infused with the essence of Santorini, the space incorporates natural materials like stone, monolithic arches, wood, metal, and abundant natural light. Warm fabrics such as linen, cotton, and velvet further enhance the serene environment, promoting the concept of slow living.
As guests navigate through the space, they are enveloped by the tangible presence of nature and light, creating an enriching and immersive experience enhanced by Santorini’s splendor.



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